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About Rali

Rali’s is a Change Experience Platform that accelerates change for initiatives that matter. Rali connects industry change agents to company leaders and teams though a community-centric portal. Rali enables initiative sponsors, leaders, and employees to communicate, activate new mindsets and behaviors using Rali's "Learn | Do | Inspire" team journey model, and collaborate using interactive media. Rali tracking and advanced analytics is always listening to provide insights into change progress, adoption, engagement, and sentiment. Rali offers pre-built and customizable team journeys from industry leading content partners in areas such as DEI, Leadership, Personality, Productivity, Quality, Engagement, and much more. Built by a former CLO and team of human performance and technology experts, Rali solves age old problems involved with initiating, managing, and sustaining human-centered change. Ultimately, Rali delivers a positive impact to your business, your employees, and your culture.

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